Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You know what I hate?

I hate bruising so easily. Someone can barely punch me and BAM I'll have a bruise that looks like someone took a sledge hammer to me. I haaaaaaaaaate it. Especially when someone is all "Dude! What happened?"
"*looks where they're pointing* Ah hell, I don't know"
"That looks horrible! Does it hurt? *pokes bruise*"
"*resists urge to smack them* YES! Yes it does thank you very much"

This all didn't start happening till like 3 years ago. No idea why. It needs to go away ASAP though.


  1. Least it didn't start when you were a kid. I'm sure your parents would love everyone thinking they beat you.

  2. Take zinc, its supposed to help shit like that.

  3. I knew a friend that bruised like an old banana, it was funny, he had bruises all the time.

  4. Hmm, I'll look into getting some zinc and see if that helps.

    @Croyal, ugh that would have been horrible! Although being a kid, everyone assumes they have bruises from horsing around. Normally at least lol.

    @:D LOL! That's amazing. Did you just have to barely poke him and he'd get a bruise?

  5. Could be haemophillia. Get that checked out at the doc's.