Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rant time!

Alrighty, I'm pissed. I really wish people who work at places that help you find jobs would KNOW THEIR SHIT. I need a job desperately, what teenager doesn't? So, I went to a local job agency and asked for help. The guy... Ahh lets call him Bob. He told me about this wonderful program that I could do. I take a course at the local college to get a certificate being an Administrative Assistant. The course would only take 2 months, and they would pay for it. So I'm like "okay, I've been trying to get a job for 2 years now, what's another 2 months gonna be? LETS DO THIS!"

I FINALLY got a hold of the director of the program at the college today. Come to find out Bob doesn't know his shit. The course is 2 YEARS. I don't even want that damn certificate, but it'd be nice to have something under my belt. I could be going to school for 2 years and do something I actually want to do. And the lady agreed with me on that. It'd be more realistic and logical for me not to go for even the other 2 month course certificates they have and just go to college for what I actually want to do.

I wish people would just know crap about their programs and not get peoples hopes up. At the job agency, they don't want to help you. They just want to prolong your suffering and go through all their programs they have so they can say "yes! we're helping people!" instead of actually going "okay, these people are hiring. go attack them."

I mean hell, McDonalds is even being picky about handing jobs out to entry level people! It's ridiculous. No fast food chain is hiring around me. I'm pretty much screwed.

Mmmkay. Rant over. Hope you all are having a pleasant day =D


  1. Least you got this blog goin for ya :p

  2. Right @ Croyal. The only thing you can really do is find some temp agencies in the area and apply like crazy, they're usually pretty good at finding you jobs that you'd otherwise have no idea about knowing about.

  3. yeah man thats pretty shitty. shit like that happend to me when i was searching for a job

  4. I'm in the same boat as you. Finding a job is difficult.

  5. Same problem here.. Everyone wants experienced workers, so the ones without experience are stuck in an infinite loop

  6. @Daniel, even the temp agencies are twatwaffles when it comes to jobs. But I will be going to one of them shortly and practically get on my hands and knees.

    @Moose, pretty much. Even with lots of training, they still want actual job experience. Guh.